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Congratulations to our Angels Cup Spring season winners!

The Angels Cup is our Monday night tradition where each level is split into small teams to play small area games in a 90 minute combined practice. Each night has a different theme and scores are kept on the Angels Cup page

Each week is sponsored by parent volunteers who provide food and snacks for the players and families after and before practice. If you haven't hung out at Angels Arena on Monday night, you're missing out!

Play it Again Sports Cup Squirt Champions

2018 Spring Champs - Black Hawks

Cole Flach, Gabriel Smith, Joey Jaeger, Max Sornsin, Michael Mathison, Nicholas Grindel-G, William Hankel, Wyatt Andvik

2017 Fall Champs - The Red Razors

Christian Storey, Dane Jorgensen, Harrison Walaski, Jamesen Schwandt, Landon Hale, Max Sornsin, Ryan Olsonawski



Sunderland Group Cup Bantam Champions

2018 Spring Champs - Team Greg

Noel Olsonawski, Jayden Ouart, Chase Thorsteinson, Will Hofer, Kyle Stich, Johnny Gores, Grayson Careaga, Kody Krause  *****with special guest Drew Sandy*****

2017 Fall Champs - Team Jesse

Noel Olsonawski, Grant Tharaldson, Ben Mehus, Johnny Gores, Jayden Ouart, Chase Thorsteinson, Kody Krause, Hunter Hannesson



Strive Cup PeeWee Champions

2018 Spring Champs - Team White

John Lang, Andrew Kankelfritz, Jack Hofer, Tommy Simon, Will Mehus, Ronald Mark

2017 Fall Champs - Team Red

Landon Meier, Glen Jorgensen, Ethan Lantz, Jack Traynor, Tommy Simon, Ronald Mark, Brady Donabauer




Eat pizza, grinders and tacos, help the Fargo Angels!

If you mention "Angels" at any of the local Spicy Pie locations, you will get a 10% discount on your purchase of $25 or more.

In addition, Spicy Pie will donate 10% to the Fargo Angels.

See you at the Pie!

Quote of the Week

Embracing Mistakes to Become Your Best.

You can never be your best if you fear mistakes. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will play tentatively, and tentative players usually get beat.

Being afraid of making a mistake is worse than making one. Let me say that again. It is better to make a mistake than to be afraid of making one.

Sports are filled with mistakes. The best baseball hitters fail about 70% of the time. Great shooters in basketball miss roughly half their shots. Elite corner-backs in football and closers in baseball cultivate short memories to quickly put mistakes behind them and prepare for what's next. Every athlete makes mistakes. Lots of them.

What separates great athletes from the rest is how they deal with mistakes. Strange as it sounds, to become a Triple-Impact Competitor, you must embrace - not fear - mistakes.

"Elevating Your Game - Becoming A Triple-Impact Competitor."

Fargo Angels Parent Concerns

If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions that may improve our hockey program, please feel free to email them to the Board. We are open to critical and supportive comments!

Include your name and contact information so we can follow up for more information.  Keep in mind:

  • Wait 24 hours after a game before approaching a coach. In person is best.
  • Be positive. The tone of your email will be determined by the reader, not the writer.
  • Be extra positive. 5 positive comments for each critical comment is the PCA Magic Ratio.

Fargo Angels News

Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.

Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your favorite team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.

Support Fargo Angels Hockey!

Your donations buy training equipment to improve our program! Click on the link above to safely submit your tax-deductible donation though the Impact Foundation. Thank you!

Remember the Angels on Giving Hearts Day! #givinghearts18 #countme