Parents Code of Conduct

I agree to Abide by the following:

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of USA Hockey, North Dakota Amateur Hockey and Angels Hockey
  • Remember that youth are involved in the organized sports for their enjoyment, not mine
  • Encourage their player by offering praise for honest effort, competing fairly, abiding by the rules of the game, resolving conflict positively and without hostility or violence
  • Ensure their player is at practices and games on time or will contact the coach ahead of the time
  • Ensure their player’s equipment is complete, safe, and in good condition
  • Remember that all players’ experiences and development are important
  • Support the team as a whole, not just their own player
  • Conduct himself/herself in a positive manner by displaying respect for the judgment and authority of the officials, coaches, and board members supporting the decisions they make and not undermining their efforts
  • Recognize that the coaches, not parents, are the primary source of instruction and authority in the game
  • I will respect locker rooms as private areas for players, coaches, and officials and will follow all locker room policies set up by Angels Hockey.
  • Waiting at least 24 hours to discuss any “negative” game or coaching situation
  • Use appropriate channels and constructive feedback to express concern or make a complaint
  • Adhere to all financial and volunteer obligations set forth by Angels Hockey

I Agree Not to:

  • Force an unwilling child to participate in Angels Hockey.
  • Publicly criticize or ridicule a coach, player, official, employee, board member or fan
  • Condone physical or verbal abuse of players, officials, employees, board members or fans
  • Behave in a manner which may create a negative, hostile, or uncomfortable team environment
  • Disrespect, ridicule, embarrass, or demean the capabilities or skills of a teammate, coach, opposing player/coach, referee
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner deemed to be detrimental to Angels Hockey
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