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    To develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness among our youth members through a Christian-based amateur hockey program.

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    Home of the Fargo Angels

    Essentia Sports Medicine: Fueling Ice Hockey Players

    "Ice hockey is an intermittent, high-intensity sport like soccer or basketball, but unlike soccer or basketball, hockey has physical contact in the form of checking. Ice hockey players need multidirectional movement and speed, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, and strength. Dry land training is part of the sport as well as practice on the ice. Even though ice hockey is played in a cold arena on a cold surface, heavy uniforms and padding contribute to high sweat rates in some players. Proper fueling and hydration to stay strong for the entire practice or game are important for success in the sport."

    Check out the nutrition information from our friends at Essentia Sport Medicine in the document below!

    Quote of the Week

    Division I Coach vs. Youth Hockey Dad

    "It's been a huge education for me having two boys now come through youth hockey. I have a new outlook. I've been coaching for 30 years and I used to have this thought that it was the players who have changed. But now I'm convinced that the players haven't changed at all. Parents have changed - greatly."  -Bob Motzko, Head Coach St. Cloud State University Men's Hockey

    You can subscribe to a Parent's Newsletter at called "Conversation Starters." It has many good ideas about how parents can best support our players and coaches.

    Have you completed your DIBS shifts?

    Each Angels family is required to complete four DIBS shifts per player. These shifts can be completed in the Angels Concessions, the Fargo Face Off PeeWee Tournament or a combination of both. Older students needing service hours can fulfill shifts with their parents to complete your shifts as well. Because of your volunteer service, we are able to discount the cost of hockey about $400 per player!

    Thanks to all those who have completed their shifts already! You can see how many shifts you have remaining on this report below. Please let Mike Gallagher know if you disagree with your total.

    DIBS shifts for January and February will be posted to the web site soon. Click on the DIBS tab at the top of this page to sign up.

    Fargo Angels Parent Concerns

    If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions that may improve our hockey program, please feel free to email them to the Board. We are open to critical and supportive comments!

    Include your name and contact information so we can follow up for more information.  Keep in mind:

    • Wait 24 hours after a game before approaching a coach. In person is best.
    • Be positive. The tone of your email will be determined by the reader, not the writer.
    • Be extra positive. 5 positive comments for each critical comment is the PCA Magic Ratio.

    Fargo Angels News

    Essentia Health - Official Sports Medicine Team of Fargo Angels

    Thank you to Essentia Health for your continued support of the Fargo Angels Hockey Club mission. Two great organizations coming together to improve the lives of young people in our community!

    Allison Kucera from Essentia Health will be our sports trainer again this season. She will schedule to be at Angels Arena one night a week if your player has any concerns. Her schedule will be posted on the Calendar.

    If you should have any problems between those days, please call her directly for a visit:

    Allison Kucera

    Athletic Trainer

    Phone: 218-391-4625

    Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.

    Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your favorite team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.