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    Sponsored by Every Giving Heart Counts February 8!

    Every Giving Heart Counts February 8!

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    Fargo Angels Hockey appreciates your support of their special projects! Past improvements include a new scoreboard, Zamboni, training gear and more! Please give online February 8 at 

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    2018 Angels Squirt International Trading Pins - Second Chance

    If you did not get an order into your team manager but still want to place an order, drop an order form and check in the Fargo Angels lock box near the Angels concession stand. There will be a limited number of pins ordered so we will fill orders on a first come first serve basis.

    The 2018 Angels trading pin will be chrome with black and white enamel, red glitter paint and the slogan "It's A Great Day For Hockey!" It is about 2-3/4" wide.

    Stick It To Cancer Game February 8 7:30 North vs South Shanley at Coliseum

    This game is a Lend-A-Hand Fundraiser to assist local families fighting with cancer. Every Angels team should plan to attend the game and wear your red Angels jersey!

    You can purchase a SITC t-shirt before the game. Everyone wearing the SITC t-shirt will get free admission. The deadline for ordering a t-shirt is January 19. Contact Karin Meier (701)388-3160  to place your order.

    Lend-A-Hand matches all donations made at this event.

    Claim your DIBS Shifts Today!

    Each family is expected to serve at least FOUR volunteer shifts per player this season. You can visit the DIBS page of this web site to find the January Concession Stand Schedule. Claim the shifts that work for you. Don't wait. Open shifts lose money for the Angels.

    Check the list below to make sure we have counted your completed DIBS shifts correctly. 

    Eat pizza, grinders and tacos, help the Fargo Angels!

    If you mention "Angels" at any of the local Spicy Pie locations, you will get a 10% discount on your purchase of $25 or more.

    In addition, Spicy Pie will donate 10% to the Fargo Angels!

    See you at the Pie!

    Weather Policy

    Just a reminder that the Fargo Angels follow the direction of the JPII Catholic Schools in regards to winter weather cancellations. A majority of our players attend those schools. We do not follow the policy of the FYHA Freeze. We will send an email to the membership as soon as any winter weather cancellation is made.

    As far as out-of-town travel weather concerns, the schedulers of both organizations will discuss any cancellation or postponement of games and we will communicate that to the members as soon as possible. Remember, in the end, your safety is your responsibility.


    Quote of the Week

    Tips for a Positive Parent/Coach Relationship

    Coaches and parents both play an important role in the development of youth athletes. To ensure a positive experience for the child, and to avoid parent/coach conflict, parents should recognize the part they play in making the season a success. This is often hard for those parents who want to involve themselves as much as possible but have stopped short of volunteering to coach. However, it is best for the athletes if parents can provide support in a different way than the coaches do during practices and games.

    An important tip to start out on the right foot with your child’s coach is to make early, positive contact with the coach. Since the coach has committed to leading the team, your role as a parent is to offer assistance where needed and to establish a positive connection with that coach. Ask the coach what the parent expectations are, and see how you can help enforce these on the sidelines. Remember that the coaches spend a significant amount of time with your child, so it’s important that you know the staff and that they know you so you can work together to meet your child's needs.

    It’s also important to positively reinforce and encourage a coach’s behavior. Let coaches know how much you appreciate their time and commitment, and tell them when you like their approach.

    Following the guidelines in this document will help lead you to a Coach-Parent Partnership that benefits your child.

    Fargo Angels Parent Concerns

    If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions that may improve our hockey program, please feel free to email them to the Board. We are open to critical and supportive comments!

    Include your name and contact information so we can follow up for more information.  Keep in mind:

    • Wait 24 hours after a game before approaching a coach. In person is best.
    • Be positive. The tone of your email will be determined by the reader, not the writer.
    • Be extra positive. 5 positive comments for each critical comment is the PCA Magic Ratio.

    Fargo Angels News

    • Team Selections 2017-2018 Released

    • By Webmaster 11/04/2017, 1:00pm CDT
    • The part of the season that causes us all anxiety is here. None of us enjoy the stress that comes with team selections. It is equally hard on all of us. Thankfully after the process is over we all get to move on and play some hockey.
    • Read More

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    Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.

    Download the SportsEngine Mobile App and enter the code from your favorite team's page to follow your team. Follow scores, post pictures and comments, send team messages all from this app.

    Support Fargo Angels Hockey!

    Your donations buy training equipment to improve our program! Click on the link above to safely submit your tax-deductible donation though the Impact Foundation. Thank you!

    Remember the Angels on Giving Hearts Day! #givinghearts18 #countme