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    The Angels arena has begun the process of some much needed improvements and I am hopeful you are excited with what you have seen.  As an organization we are committed to continuing to make improvements to make our "Winter hockey home" an even better place for tomorrow and years to come.

    We are officially kicking off our arena fundraising capital campaign to help raise the funds necessary to help pay for the projects and also allow us to continue our plans of making our arena an even better place. Please take a moment to read the attached letter and prayerfully think about supporting our cause and mission to continue with the capital improvements

    I appreciate your consideration and hope the hockey season goes Great!

    Derek Sunderland

    President, Fargo Angels 

    Angels hockey Squirt Pin 2015

    Click on image for order form

    Click on image for order form

    In preparation for the Squirt International Tournament in February, it's time to order your Angels pins for 2015!!!


    Click on the image for the order form

    Angels Leather Bracelets

    Bracelet without charm

    Bracelet without charm

    Birchpeel & Co. has come out with this cool, red leather cuff for our Angels and fans.  For every cuff purchased, the Angels receive part of the profit.  Moms can order it with the "Hockey Mom" charm or without for the players and dads.  Click on the pictures for details.

    Angels Bracelet With Charm

    Angels Bracelet With Charm

    Fargo Angels Raffle Winners

    Angels Hockey Raffle Winners

    12/7/14     $1,000.00        Derek Sunderland

    12/8/14     $200.00           Jen Rohweder

    12/8/14     $100.00           Nicole Nestler

    12/8/14     $100.00           Eunah Fischer

    12/8/14     $50.00             Carlene Mastel

    12/8/14     $50.00             Karin Meier

    12/15/14   $200               Deb Lien

    12/15/14   $100               Paulette Franklin 

    12/15/14   $100               Karin Meier

    12/15/14   $50                Jim Norgard

    12/15/14   $50                Tracy Tharaldson 

    12/22/14   $200               Thorsteinson

    12/22/14   $100               Nicole Nestler

    12/22/14   $100                Curtis Kracke

    12/22/14   $50                  Jim Traynor

    12/22/14   $50                  Karin Meier

    12/29/14   $200                Pat Traynor

    12/29/14   $100                Shane Kautzman

    12/29/14   $100                Conway Marvin

    12/29/14   $50                  Jim Norgard

    12/29/14   $50                  Jessica Skarperud

    01/05/15   $1,000.00        Paulette Franklin

    The Angels have partnered with Pushsave to raise funds for our hockey capital campaign. You get to select 10 merchants of your choice to create your own mobile coupon book! Proceeds from these sales will benefit Fargo Angels hockey.  Click on the Pushsave logo above to get started.  


    Upcoming Angels Events

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    Essentia Trainer On Site
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    Practice: Pee Wee Red

    Background Screening Link

    Background Screening link to NDAHA site for coaches, team managers, locker room monitors, and any travel chaperones.

    2014-15 Fundraising Spreadsheet

    Link to the spreadsheet to see how much you still owe