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Team Selections 2017-2018 Released

By Webmaster, 11/04/17, 1:00PM CDT


The part of the season that causes us all anxiety is here. None of us enjoy the stress that comes with team selections. It is equally hard on all of us. Thankfully after the process is over we all get to move on and play some hockey.

The part of the season that causes us all anxiety is here.  None of us enjoy the stress that comes with team selections.  It is equally hard on all of us.   Thankfully after the process is over we all get to move on and play some hockey.  The Angels are committed to development at all levels.  Whether you or your child end up on an A, B or B1 team, remember that the development process moves differently for everyone.  We as coaches aren't trying to only build the team we feels gives us the best chance to win every game.  We are trying to build competitive teams that provide an optimal environment for development.  The love for this game doesn't have a letter behind it.  I have coached successful HS players that never made an A team and I'm sure every coach in the program has too.  We all end up playing on Sunday and Wednesday nights at some point.  We want to make sure getting to that point was an enjoyable experience.  I included a few examples below to read.  These stories are always my favorite because it embodies everything hockey is about...being the underdog...having to work tirelessly to achieve success...and reminding us all that development is not a sprint.

I hope you all have a great season and am excited about the futures of our young athletes with the Angels.

Please direct all questions to myself.  Thanks!

-Jesse Nostdahl                                      701-228-4535


SQUIRT WHITE                                               SQUIRT RED

Aayden Stewart                                              Adrian Fillipi

Cole Flach                                                        Andrew Crist

Dakota Olson                                                  Augustus Elbert

Dane Jorgensen                                              Carson Friese

Elliott Sjurseth                                                 Collin Walter

Gabriel Smith                                                  Elijah Emineth

Ian Wood                                                         Foster Lord

Jamesen Schwandt                                        Harrison Waslaski

John Eaton                                                       Joey Jaeger

Max Sornsin                                                     Landon Hale

Nicholas Grindel                                             Michael Mathison

Ryan Nelson                                                    Ryan Olsonawski

Thomas Froslie                                               William Hankel

Thomas Flanagan                                           Christian Storey

Vince Noble

Wyatt Andvik

Griffin Lee

PEEWEE BLACK                                              PEEWEE RED

Landon Walter                                                Merik Grinaker

Thomas Gallagher                                          John Lang

Tyler Wiese                                                      Boden Meier

Thomas Simon                                                Landon Meier

Dallas Sunderland                                           Colten Nestler

Aaron Olsonawski                                          Cailen Astrup

Beckett Stimpson                                           Michael Rostberg

Brady Donabauer                                           Andrew Kankelfritz

Carter Donabauer                                          Calvin Montgomery

William Mehus                                                Jack Traynor

Parker Payne                                                   Fisher Hannesson

Glen Jorgensen                                               Aryn Dilger

William Sweeny                                              Ethan Lantz

Luke Rogen                                                      Jack Franklin

Ronald Mark                                                    Jack Hofer

Aden Melander                                              


Grant Tharaldson

Andrew Weiland

Kyle Stich

John Gores

Grayson Wetch

Luke Lang

Henry Collins

Jayden Ouart

Noel Olsonawski

Benjamin Mehus

Chase Thorsteinson

Grayson Careaga

Hunter Hannesson

Kody Krause

Benjamin Peterseon

Will Hofer

Evan Pytlik