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Hockey Training at Home

By Jesse Nostdahl, 06/10/19, 9:30PM CDT


One of the easiest ways to improve is putting in the work at home...

It's no secret, one of the most effective ways to become a better hockey player is to work on your skills in your own time.   Hockey is a lifestyle, and the Angels are all in on supporting you while you become the best player you can be.  Below are 3 ways to help improve your game at home this summer!


The Office

If you wanna put in some good ol' fashioned hard work, you better have a spot to do it.  We call ours "The Office".  Its where you work to build the skills, strength, and endurance you need to perform better on the ice. 

Want to win $50 to upgrade your home hockey setup?   Send us pics on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter of you "working in your office."  Our 2 favorite pics will win a $50 gift card for hockey upgrades!!!  Must be a 2019/2020 Angel to win.  Winners will be picked on Sept. 1st!

Things you'll need in your "Office"

1) Shooting Surface - Can be anything from some kind of plastic sheet to Hockey Floor Tiles.  

2)  Stickhandling Balls/Pucks | Plastic Pucks | Regular Pucks 

Regular pucks are the real deal.  Mom and Dad may not agree though after a few loud noises and holes in the wall.  Plastic pucks are a close second and can save you some time from sitting in the penalty box at home.

Green Biscuits work great for stickhandling.

3)  A Net!  

The best way to go is to opt for a Net with the extra netting around them.  EZ Goal makes one for around $100.00 and can be found on Amazon.  They work great inside or in the driveway.  

4)   Workout Gear (Optional)

We prefer a workout bike and some weights.  You can create your own little circuit of activities if you have the space.

5) Slide Board (Optional)

A great way to work on your skating stride.  Strengthens your leg muscles and really emphasizes knee bend and leg extension.  You can even toss it behind your shooting surface and use it while stickhandling.  Slide boards can be found on various websites and range from $70.00 to a couple hundred dollars.

6)  Customization

You gotta hang up some jerseys or posters for the extra motivation.  Don't forget some speakers for the music...

Below is an example of a good "Hockey Office" at home...


Shooting, without a doubt, is the most fun off-ice training in the game of hockey.  Often times though, young hockey players will just grab some pucks and shoot without having an actual plan. 

The videos below are a great start if you want some things to focus on.

Also, our Summer Ice Sessions will have a shooting element that will work alongside the things you can do in your own time.  

Angels Coach Wade Storey is running the shooting drills in our Summer Ice Sessions this year.  Here are some tips for the first part of the summer from Wade:

Session 1 - "Snap Shot" - We worked on quick release and getting the puck to the net quickly.  Our homework is when shooting pucks to "Think Quickness" before accuracy - get the puck's motion towards the net. Then, when we get the quickness down, we can work on accuracy.

Session 2:  Will be"Shooting off the Pass" - Great example of it on Boston's first goal by Brad Marchand in Game 6 of the Cup Finals.

Session 3:  Will be "One Timers"

Session 4 - Review of Sessions 1, 2 & 3.

Remaining sessions will be determined as we progress

If you are struggling to create a good shooting/stickhandling environment at home.  Here are some good alternatives...

#1 - Wrist Curls

Take an old broom handle, drill a hole in the center, tie a knot in a string through the stick, then put a large "can of soup or small weight" on the bottom end. Then role the string with can/weight up and down 15-20 times in mornings and evenings many times.

#2 "Wrist Grippers"

Morning, noon, and night (can be purchased at any Walmart/K-Mart)

#3 "Push Ups"

Lots of them, 100 every day, 33 each morning noon and night - no cost to this one other than your effort!!

These TIPS will all increase the hand, wrist and forearm strength - all vital to having a quick release and great shot to score goals next season.

Strong hands, wrists, and arms are also great for the multi-sport athlete/participant:

-Coach Wade


Stickwork can be done anywhere.  All you need is a hockey stick and something to handle!  

The tips and drills below are hung up on my wall at home and is a great guide for improving your stick skills.

The Summer Ice Sessions also have an element that will incorporate "Stick Handling with a Purpose."  In those drills we make sure the stickhandling drill leads to a desired outcome.  Whether that is putting ourselves in an optimal shooting position or generating time and space in certain scenarios.